My name is Ian. This is the internet home of my work. I’m an art director, a designer, a drawer, and a print maker. I love music and being a designer and food – probably in that order. But I wouldn’t trade being a designer for being music or food.

I do my art directing, designing, concepting and copy writing by day. Currently I am the Senior Designer at an advertising agency called Mad Genius, located just outside of Jackson, Mississippi. Some of the work you can see here was created with the help and support of the talented ladies and gents of the MG family.

By night I get my hands dirty with ink and graphite. I have been fortunate enough to draw and design posters for some of my favorite local bands. And while I typically don’t get any actually currency in return for these endeavors, getting past the cover charge while simultaneously helping my friends succeed is a pretty great reward in itself.

Enjoy browsing the site and if you have any questions or comments, hit me up!

(And a big cheers to Bryce for helping me build this thing!)